‘Make £5k to £10k a month’: Woman’s ‘beginner friendly side hustle’

Single mum sets up 'side hustles' to combat cost of living crisis

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A certain form of side hustle is being recommended by online money gurus on their social media accounts. It’s been called “beginner friendly” and “the most underrated side hustle of 2022.” It is affiliate linking, and according to industry statistics, it’s on the rise.

Brie, an “affiliate marketing coach” who posts advice under @hustlewithbriee on TikTok called the money-making method: “The best way that you can legally make £5k to £10k a month, even as a complete beginner.”

The side hustle involves promoting links to products, which you will earn a commission from if purchases are made via the links.

“There are endless products for you to pick and promote,” Brie said. She suggested signing up to an affiliate network and then posting links to social media sites such as Pinterest.

Demonstrating exactly how it’s done in her video, the content creator makes it look easy. “Now when someone clicks and buys from my link, I earn a commission,” she explains.

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The content creator is not the only one to claim there are huge sums to make from affiliate marketing, another Shannon aka @hustlewithshan who has 121,000 followers on the platform made the same claim in a video that got over a million views. 

Adamen Froy, a TikToker who claims to be worth seven figures, called it “the most underrated side hsutle of 2022.” 

Is affiliate marking as profitable as is claimed? Affiliate market is growing in popularity. It is often used by bloggers and content creators to make additional income.

Affiliate marketing is thought to be worth $12 billion globally and the UK holds the second largest profit share at 15 percent. However, it is not as easy as simply uploading links.

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Making money from affiliate links relies on driving internet users to your link and persuading them to click and buy the product. It is an inexpensive to set up, but takes time and effort to market the links.

Unless you already have a social media platform or website with regular traffic, you may struggle to make any money from affiliate marketing. Many people who attempt affiliate marketing will make little to no money, so it is important to assess whether you have the time to dedicate to this side hustle.

A mum recently explained how she makes an extra £230 for just two hours work a week. 

She told Express.co.uk: “I heard about Avon through a friend, who pointed out how affordable and what great quality the products were.

“When I took a closer look and learned about the earnings opportunity, I was sold!

“I’ve always been one of those people who loves to shop for things that don’t cost an arm and a leg, so it suited me down to the ground.”

Top side hustles

Website Time.com listed a number of the best side hustles to make cash in 2022. Promoting brands and taking commissions was the 10th on the list of 15.

The research also listed:

  • Renting your car
  • Renting out rooms on Airbnb
  • Freelancing
  • Leasing out your garage for storage
  • Tutoring
  • Reselling your clothes

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