‘Look at the difference!’ Remove grease and grime from oven in 10 minutes – ‘Sparkling!’

Clean It, Fix It: Maxine explains how to clean oven trays

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Looking for a quick way to clean your oven without spending hours scrubbing grease and grime? Clean It, Fix It star Maxine Dwyer has shared a simple cleaning solution that turns the arduous task of cleaning an oven, into something that can be done in 10 minutes. 

During a previous episode of the BBC show, Maxine said: “I’m going to clean the oven; what I’m going to do is take the racks out, look how dirty the racks are – I’ve seen dirtier! 

“What I’m going to do is warm the oven up, once it’s warm I’m going to add in my secret ingredient to get the grease and grime off.” 

Low oven temperatures help melt grease for easy cleaning but remember to turn the oven off and let the surfaces cool before you start cleaning. 

Turning her attention to the oven racks first, Maxine explained: “I’m going to wash them in the sink with some degrease – spray all over it.” 


Kitchen degreasers are specially designed to break down and dissolve grease, oil and wax. 

Some supermarkets will stock them, and so do DIY stores.

“Then I’m going to have my magic scourer, and this will work all along the racks,” she added.

“This works wonders! And it looks nearly as good as new – as simple as that.” 

The ingredients for Maxine’s oven cleaning solution can be found in most people’s cupboards. 

“What I’ve got here is a warm oven and a potion of baking powder and water,” the cleaning expert revealed. 

“All I need to do is smear it on and wait for the magic to work.” 

Oven grease from food particles is usually acidic, baking powder is alkaline and breaks down the grease. It’s also mildly abrasive and helps remove stuck-on foods. 


“So by warming the oven, it enables the active ingredients to tackle the grease, so I smear it on, all around the edges – it’s started working already,” she noted.

“I’m going to leave it for about 10 minutes and wait for it to work.” 

She then returned to her oven 10 minutes later and with one swipe of the scourer, exclaimed: “Look at the difference! How clean is that?” 

Maxine continued to use a scourer and a damp microfibre cloth to remove the grime after scrubbing. 

She advised: “Take your time, and do it in a circular motion, a paste of baking powder and water and then you’ve got a sparkling clean oven.” 

If you don’t have baking powder, try spooning a mixture of lemon juice and salt over any stubborn areas, it should scrub off after a couple of hours. 

On average, Brits only clean our ovens a couple of times a year, even though the recommended advice is to clean inside it monthly and wipe down the door once a week. 

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