Family forced to live in hotel because of second home owners

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Charlene Pascoe, 34, and her three kids also have to rely for meals on relatives and friends who live nearby. They have no idea how long they will be in the hotel at St Austell in Cornwall – a county where some areas have up to 40 per cent of properties used as second homes.

Charlene revealed: “Somebody said at the start, ‘Look at it like a holiday’. But it’s most certainly not a holiday.”

The mum – with Freya, 12, Kieran, 10, and Darcy, two – got uprooted in March when their landlord wanted to moved back into their property.

Cornwall Council booked them into a Premier Inn for a week before they were moved to the Travelodge, where their room has just three beds, a bathroom, a kettle and a cool box.

Charlene’s mother Sonia Johns, 57, lives a 15-minute drive away and is able to cook dinner for the kids and wash their clothes.

Support worker Charlene added: “We’ve had to put the majority of things in storage but the stuff we need still takes up loads of space.

“I look every day for houses on the council website but you can only bid on one property a week.”

She pays a £3.10 per night service charge with the remainder being settled by Cornwall Council, who were approached for comment.

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