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EXPLORATION is Stray’s bread and butter, so what is there for you to find?

Stray is out now on PlayStation and PC via Steam, and everyone's already exploring the world.

In Stray’s first main area, The Slums you’ll have lots of opportunities to dive into the nooks and crannies of the world, and there are plenty of things for you to find along the way.

One of the most interesting things you can look for are the eight music sheets that are scattered all over The Slums.

If you take these music sheets to Morusque the musician at the entrance to The Slums, you’ll be able to hear some lovely tunes.

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First music sheet location – Stray

In Momo’s apartment, there will be a door that you can walk under. Hop up to the shelf in that room and you’ll find the sheet.

Second music sheet location – Stray

On the balcony near Clementine’s apartment, which you’ll go to as you search for the four notebooks, there is a music sheet on the table.

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Third music sheet location – Stray

Head downstairs to Nestor and Elliot’s apartment. You’ll need to go here for the story, so don’t worry about missing it. The sheet is attached to one of the big paintings on the wall.

Fourth music sheet location – Stray

Get yourself an energy drink and take it to Azooz the merchant at The Slums’ entrance. You’ll be able to trade it in his shop for a music sheet.

Fifth music sheet location – Stray

Go to the Dufer bar, which you’ll have to do during the course of the story and head upstairs. On one of the tables in the next sheet.

Sixth music sheet location – Stray

Go into Clementine’s apartment, with the blue wall opposite Momo’s place, and it’ll be right in front of you.

Seventh music sheet location – Stray

On your notebook quest, you’ll go to an apartment filled with books. There’s a piano inside there which has a music sheet attached to it.

Eighth music sheet location – Stray

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In a pile of trash opposite Morusque, there is a safe with a note attached. Take it to Elliot and he’ll point you to the Dufer Bar. Look under the painting above the bar and you’ll see the code, 1283.

Once you’ve got them all, take them to Morusque and you’ll get the Meowlody trophy.

Written by GLHF.

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