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PIERCINGS can be intimidating to many, with needles penetrating into the skin.

One TikTok creator shared his painful piercing experience, called the 'Double Dyed Coke' piercing.

What is TikTok's Double Dyed Coke piercing?

On the Fourth of July, TikTok star ephemeral_remy shared a video in response to a user's comment asking about his most painful procedure.

"My most painful piercing or tattoo or body mod was definitely my 'double dyed coke piercings,'" the creator responded

"If you don't know what those are, I'm not telling you to go look them up but if you do you'll know why they're the most painful."

Since the video was not captioned, many viewers had trouble understanding what the creator was referring to.

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Some interpreted it as 'Double Dyed Coke,' while others say they heard 'Double Diet Coke.'

One user commented, "I googled double diet coke piercing so confidently."

"I need captions to Google. I keep looking up double diet coke piercing," commented one user.

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One user clarified the misunderstanding by saying"Double Dydoe for those asking."

What is the creator actually referring to?

The creator was in fact referring to 'Double Dydoe' piercing, not "Double Dyed Coke."

The piercing involves passing through the head of the male genitalia, which can be very painful.

The male genitalia region is highly sensitive, making the piercing rather painful.

What are other painful piercings?

Genital piercings were ranked as the most painful piercings according to Refinery29.

Then came nipple piercings.

"My nipples hurt the worst out of any piercing I’ve ever personally gotten," shared celebrity piercer Brian Keith Thompson with Yahoo! News.

"For some reason, I've noticed that men don't handle the pain, as well as women, do in the nipple area."

Some other painful piercings include cartilage and nose piercings.

"Nose piercings can be a little painful, but only because the most uncomfortable piercings are going to be the ones on your head," continued Thompson.

"There are just so many nerves in your nose, it's one of your senses. But at the most, the pain is mild. Just expect your eyes to water a little."

Some relatively less painful piercings include the lobe and navel.

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"The lobe is this spongy, fatty, soft area of your ear, so pushing a needle through is like pushing a hot knife through butter," shared Thompson.

"But if you come in and are looking for multiple piercings on the lobe, like a constellation, then the second, third, and so on and so forth will continue to hurt more than the last."

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