DWP confirms eligibility for £326 cost of living payment as support due from tomorrow

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Between July 14 and 31, the Department for Work and Pensions will give eight million low-income households £326 to support them with the rising cost of living. The DWP has updated its online guidance with more details on the means-tested benefits and qualifying conditions. The DWP stated it had “added a table to show the amount of the Cost of Living Payment you’ll get and when you’ll be paid if you are on a low-income benefit from DWP or tax credits from HMRC.” It also explained it had “made other amendments to improve clarity”.

The page highlights that Britons could get up to three different types of payment depending on their circumstances on a particular date or during a particular period. 

These payments are the Cost of Living Payment, the Disability Cost of Living Payment, and the Pensioner Cost of Living Payment. 

The Cost of Living payment is to be automatically given to those on Universal Credit, income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA), and income-related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA). 

It will also go to those on Income Support, Pension Credit, Child Tax Credit, and Working Tax Credit. 

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Those on Working Tax Credit however, will not receive their first payment until Autumn 2022.

The DWP stated: “Your payment might come later, for example, if you are awarded a qualifying benefit at a later date or you change the account your benefit or tax credits are paid into. 

“You will still be paid the Cost of Living Payment automatically and do not need to contact DWP or HMRC.”

To be entitled to the support payment, people have been entitled, or later found entitled to one of the means-tested benefits for the period between April 26, 2022 to May 25, 2022.

For the Disability Cost of Living Payment people are to receive a £150 lump sum if they claim certain disability support.

These include Attendance Allowance, Constant Attendance Allowance, Disability Living Allowance for adults, Disability Living Allowance for children, Personal Independence Payment (PIP), and Adult/Child Disability Payment in Scotland. 

People who claim Armed Forces Independence Payment and War Pension Mobility Supplement will also be eligible. 

However, the Department highlighted if a person receives a qualifying disability benefit from the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and a qualifying disability benefit from DWP, they will only get a Disability Cost of Living Payment from the DWP.

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To be eligible for this people must have also received a payment, or later received a payment, of one of these qualifying benefits for May 25, 2022.

Payments for this will be received in September and the DWP payments will come before the MOD’s. 

The Pension Cost of Living Payment is an extra £300 for a person’s household if they are entitled to Winer Fuel Payment for winter 2022-23. 

This payment is to be expected in November and December of this year. 


People will be eligible for this payment if they are over State Pension age, aged 66 or above, between 19-25 September 2022 and in receipt of the Winter Fuel Payment

The amount that a person can receive with the Winter Fuel payment is dependent on a person’s circumstances. 

The DWP has included a full breakdown of the seven different circumstances and the amount that people can receive on its guidance.

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