‘Amazed what came out’: Mrs Hinch fans share ‘easiest’ way to clean inside radiators

TikTok user reveals amount of dust gathered in a radiator

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Internet sensation Mrs Hinch is a cleaning influencer with more than 4.5 million followers on Instagram. The cleaning queen is so successful she has inspired Britons to create Facebook groups in her honour, where they share cleaning tips and tricks with one another, one of which includes how to clean inside radiators.

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Posting on Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips, one woman asked for advice on how to clean her dust-filled radiators after moving into her new rented property.

Angie Dorothy wrote: “Moved into a new rented property. Can anyone advise how to clean the inside of my radiators.”

The cleaning enthusiast accompanied her post with a picture of two of her radiators filled with dust inside them.

Radiators can fall victim to a build-up of dust and grime due to their often unusual shape.

Everyday cleaning may see you vacuum the floor or dust surfaces, but often radiators are one place residents tend to avoid.

While wiping down the front of a radiator is easy enough, a build-up of dust balls, hair and dirt can get tucked away in the crevices behind.

Cleaning radiators can help lower heating costs as the build-up of dust prevents heat from escaping. 

This can then make radiators work harder and it may take longer to keep a room warm.

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Mrs Hinch fans were quick to offer up their tips and tricks on how to clean inside radiators and interestingly one tip stood out from the others.

Many cleaning enthusiasts recommended using a product many families already have in their house: a hairdryer.

Brede Lennon said: “I find using a hairdryer easiest.”

Tricia Baigrie advised: “Use a hairdryer to blow the mess out then vacuum it up.”

Laura Archer commented: “Hairdryer through the top to blow it all out.”

Angela Gadsdon replied: “I remove the top grill then put my vacuum on blow mode. Works also with a hairdryer. 

“First time I was mortified by the amount of muck that blew out. Certainly made a difference to the heat efficiency.”

Heather Lewis suggested: “Blow hair dryer at the top and the dust should come out the bottom. I was amazed at what came out. After doing this, there was no sign of dust whatsoever.

Katherine Nash added: “Use a hairdryer on high speed and cold heat, it will blow it all down onto the floor.”

As this method can end up quite messy, it is advised that homeowners have their hoover on hand to vacuum up the dust as it comes out.

Other Mrs Hinch fans suggested a more conventional way of cleaning inside radiators by purchasing a radiator brush.

Karen Moss said: “You can get radiator brushes from Amazon and the edges also pull off these radiators so you can clean properly.”

Anne Rowe commented: “I bought a radiator brush in Lakeland. It works very well.”

Lorrain Savill added: “I had the same problem and I used a radiator brush. It easily fits into the crevices to pick up dust.

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