Property: The home improvements that could boost your home’s value by £100k

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From a new roof to self-contained annexes, newly renovated kitchens and a conservatory, there are plenty of ways home improvements can add value to a home. Rated People has analysed more than 800,000 home improvement jobs on its platform as well as TikTok, Instagram and Google data to find out which home improvements are the most lucrative and which ones are the most on-trend. This year’s top five most popular trends, which can add £28,143 to a property’s value include herringbone floors, outdoor kitchens, living walls, green kitchens and home offices.

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Herringbone floors have clocked up more than 72 million views on TikTok as well as almost 100,000 hashtags on Instagram and 40,000 annual UK Google searches.

Homeowners would pay around £5,500 more for a home if it had a herringbone flooring.

Sixty percent of homeowners are planning to recreate one of the top 20 trends this year.

Homeowners that implement all 20 into their home could increase their home’s value by £105,046.

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Some of the trends that made the top 20 list included green kitchens, Grandmillennial decor, kitchen pantries, painted arches and pink bathrooms.

Grandmillennial decor includes bold patterns, printed curtains and embellishments like fringe and pleats mixed in with heirloom furniture.

Home improvements that add the most value

However, the biggest home improvement trends don’t always add the most value.

If you’re looking to sell, Rated People found that buyers searching for a new home are looking for extra space and multifunctional rooms.

Improvements like this dominate the top 20 home renovations that add the most value in 2022.

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A self-contained annexe is an improvement that buyers now value the most, adding more than £17,000 to the value of a home.

A separate kitchen/diner and lounge are now more preferable to buyers than open plan.

Having a separate room can add an eye-watering £12,379 to the value of a home.

Meanwhile, an open-plan space can add less value to buyers with a £12,103 value increase.

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A home gym could add £11,927 to a home’s value while an outdoor entertaining area could increase a home’s worth by £11,757.

Meanwhile, a garden office room would add £11,648 to a home’s value.

The top 20 home improvements that now add the most value to homes:

Self-contained annexe – £17,003

New roof – £15,407

Newly renovated kitchen – £13,877

New orangery/ conservatory – £13,611

New windows throughout – £12,784

Separate kitchen/diner and lounge – £12,379

Large open plan space – £12,103

Home gym – £11,927

Newly renovated bathroom – £11,906

En-suite bathroom – £11,817

Outdoor entertaining area – £11,757

Landscaped garden – £11,741

Home office room, in the house – £11,706

New driveway – £11,706

Garden office room – £11,648

Outdoor kitchen – £11,549

New porch – £11,015

Downstairs toilet – £11,000

New wooden flooring throughout – £10,896

New stone/tiled flooring – £10,876

Adrienne Minster, CEO at Rated People said some of the home improvements could be achieved for less than £100.

She said: “Our priorities have been changing and it’s no surprise that some of the things that have recently helped to enhance our lives like home gyms and outdoor entertaining areas are now more valuable than ever to homebuyers.

“Many of the 20 biggest home improvement and design trends could be achieved for less than £100 and a bit of DIY, which could see you make a nice profit if you’re looking to sell.

“If you’re keener to tackle a bigger job like building a kitchen pantry or laying a herringbone floor, or if you just want that professional finish on a paint job, we’d recommend using a skilled local tradesperson to help bring your home improvement plans to life.”

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