Microwave vs oven: Which appliance costs more to run? 41p an hour difference

Cost of living: Efficiency of microwave and oven compared

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Appearing on ITV’s This Morning, Alice shared how much it costs to heat an oven versus how much it costs to use the microwave. The consumer editor said the “microwave wins most of the time”. She said: “What we are doing now in this cost of living crisis is we are changing things.

“We’re changing when we do things and how we do things and that’s necessary.

“Looking at the oven, it is the one piece of equipment that every kitchen has got.

“It costs 61p an hour to use.

“If you look at how you use it, do you maybe make a meal for the kids and put it on again later?

“That can be really wasteful.”

The consumer editor added that mealtimes are the biggest energy consumers in the home.

She said it equated to 20 percent of a household’s budget.

Alice added: “If you’ve got a smart meter, watch it clock up during that time of day, it really does ramp up.”

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In comparison, a microwave costs around 20p per hour to use.

While a microwave may not be on for an hour, it is still cheaper to use than an oven.

Alice explained: “With an oven, it takes 20 minutes to heat up, and you’re heating that whole space.

“In a microwave, when you put something in it, it heats from the inside of the food and it heats to much higher temperatures.

“The microwave really is key. 

“If you cook a baked potato in an oven, it’s going to cost you 27p. In the microwave, it’ll cost you 3p.

“The microwave wins most of the time.”

Mark Smithson, CEO of nationwide electrical appliance experts, Marks Electrical, also recommended using the microwave instead of the oven if possible.

He told Express.co.uk: “If you’re reheating food, we recommend using a microwave.

“Unlike ovens, microwaves only heat your food and not the air-space inside, thus less energy.”

Households can save further money by switching off microwaves at the plug after use.

According to Energy Saving Trust, microwaves are one of the appliances found in households which “eat up electricity” when left on standby.

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