Property: Most affordable areas in the UK to buy a home near an ‘outstanding’ school

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Finding a catchment area with good state schools can be a reason to relocate for many buyers. Living close to a good state school can also boost the price of a property and can play a huge part in buyers’ hunt for their dream home. So where can buyers find outstanding schools without paying extortionate house prices?

A new study by looked at how house prices vary around the country when broken down into areas that contain a school rated “outstanding” by Ofsted and those that haven’t.

Their study unveiled the areas with “outstanding” schools that are cheaper and the places where it’s most expensive to live near an “outstanding” school.

Areas where buyers pay less to live near an outstanding school

Wakefield in Yorkshire and the Humber is the area where buyers will pay the least to live near an “outstanding” school.

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The cost of homes in areas of Wakefield with an “outstanding” school average at £210,137.

Meanwhile, areas in Wakefield without an outstanding school cost £307,866 on average.

Another area where it costs less to live near an “outstanding” school is Wolverhampton.

The average house prices near an “outstanding” school average at £182,181 while areas without an “outstanding” school average £234,242.

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Coming in third place is Watford where average house prices in areas with an “outstanding” school cost £553,283.

Average house prices in areas in Watford without an “outstanding” school come in at £669,635.

Top 10 areas buyers pay less to live near an “outstanding” school:

1. Wakefield

2. Wolverhampton

3. Watford

4. Oxford

5. Darlington

6. Dudley

7. Tweeddale

8. Kingston upon Thames

9. Bournemouth

10. North West London

Areas where buyers pay more to live near an outstanding school

The area where buyers will pay the most if you want to live near an “outstanding” school is Sunderland in the northeast.

The average house price surges by a huge 40 percent when the area has an “outstanding” school.

House prices in the area average £176,326.

Another northeast location, Durham, came in second place with house prices averaging at £215,646.

Homes in areas with a top school are 39.31 percent more expensive than those without.

Top five places where it’s most expensive to live near an “outstanding” school:

1. Sunderland

2. Durham

3. Blackpool

4. Stockport

5. Swindon

Areas with the most outstanding schools outside of London are Trafford in the northwest, Maidenhead and Windsor in the southeast and Gateshead in the northeast.

Areas with the fewest outstanding schools are the Isle of Wight, Dudley in the West Midlands and Middlesbrough in the northeast.

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