I tested the ‘miracle cleaning paste’ to clean my burnt pan – I was amazed by the results!

Daily Express tests out Pink Stuff cleaning paste on burnt pan

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Food cooking in a dish may look delightful once it’s served onto a plate but what it invariably leaves behind is a trail of disaster on the bottom of pans. Think charred, encrusted food remains that would test even the most sturdy of scourers. Branded as the “miracle cleaning paste”, this product claims to remove even the toughest of stains and grime on not only pans, but cooker tops, sinks, uPVC, barbecues, ceramic tiles, glass, showers and more.

While you can’t help you avoid the nightmare of a scorched pan in the first place, a Mrs Hinch fan took to Facebook to share her “cheapest trick” to remove burnt stains from her saucepan.

Karen Fidler wrote: “Why have I never tried The Pink Stuff? Cleaned the bottom of my saucepan today with tin foil and The Pink Stuff paste and it did it in half the time it would have taken with other cleaning products.

“Plus, it’s the cheapest trick I’ve found that actually works.”

This paste gains popularity for its supposedly miraculous ability to clean everything from sneakers to rusty pans to bathroom tiles. 

It looks a bit like Silly Putty and could easily be mistaken for bubble gum, including its scent.

To put it to the ultimate test, I decided to use this paste and tin foil to clean the bottom of my burnt-ridden frying pan.

Covered in thick layers of burnt stains, I was sceptical at how well this cleaning paste would perform. 

Although this paste is naturally formulated, I did put on rubber gloves as there is always a possibility that it could irritate the skin.

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I began by applying the paste to the entire bottom surface of the frying pan, along with some water and scrunching up a small piece of tin foil.

Using circular motions, I used the tin foil to gently rub the paste into the pan.

After just a few seconds of buffing the product in, I noticed that the once pink paste started to turn grey, indicating that the product was working. 

After rubbing half of the pan, I decided to rinse the solution to see if there were visible results.

To my amazement, the burnt stains had completely disappeared.

I then repeated this process on the other side of the pan, eager to be greeted by the same results on the other side.

After, I used a wet microfibre cloth to wipe off the paste and rinsed it with warm soapy water.

Overall, this cleaning process took around 10 minutes.

The one downside was that I did find that I had to keep adding more of the paste to achieve these effective results.

The tin foil was only 68p from Asda. 

I picked The Pink Stuff paste from Poundstretcher for just 69p, but it can also be found at Ocado for £1 and at Sainsbury’s for £1.65.

As it’s abrasive, you’ll want to test a small, inconspicuous area first and be gentle with your application. 

If you’re worried about the surface, you probably don’t want to let the Pink Stuff sit for too long.

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