Best places to retire in the UK – areas which boast the top care for older Britons

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The number of over-85s is predicted to treble by 2066, with many more entering their later years. When leaving the workforce, people will have different goals, but a primary aim will be to find a comfortable place to settle down.

While some will choose to stay in their current local area, others will be looking for a place that perhaps better supports older people.

With this in mind, the organisation Lottie has looked at which cities are best equipped for older residents – based on care and health facilities.

Topping the list was Durham, with a 9.39 out of 10 rating for care homes, and solid ratings for restaurants, hospital distances and park access.

Following closely behind were Swindon, Doncaster, Colchester and Swansea, rounding up the top five.

Older Britons were also found to be cared for well in areas such as Peterborough, Cardiff, Southhampton, Sheffield and Solihull.

Access to care is seen as vital for people as they age, as they may require more support for their health.

This is also the case for hospitals, which individuals may rely upon more in later life.

Conversely, there were areas found by the study which lagged behind in terms of care for the elderly.

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The Lottie research showed Bradford offers the worst elderly care, with an overall score of 1.62 out of 10. 

This was attributable to its low care home reviews of 0.20 out of 10, but the West Yorkshire city performed poorly across all factors taken into account.

Stockton-on-Tees, Portsmouth, Dudley and Salford, alongside Leicester, Chester, Oldham, Northampton and Liverpool were also ranked poorly. 

With an ageing population in Britain, more people are living longer than ever.

As a result, elderly care has arguably never been more important.

Although individuals may not know where to begin, there are some vital issues which should be considered. 

Chris Donnelly, co-founder and CEO at the care home marketplace Lottie, shared his top tips on how Britons can care for themselves and their loved ones.

Firstly, Mr Donnelly stressed it is vital to maintain connections through regular visits, making plans known in advance to avoid anxiety and ensure a loved one is ready for the day.

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Secondly, engaging in new hobbies can help individuals gain a sense of enjoyment and satisfaction.

As a third point, Mr Donnelly said: “It’s important to get your loved ones meeting new people, and a wonderful way to do that is through inter-generational mixing. 

“Are there any local pen-pal initiatives, or opportunities to interact with some younger people? This can lower stress levels and lift moods.”

Eating a healthy diet is also key when a person ages, as it can help to boost their immune system, he said.

Finally, a good night’s rest is important, giving the body time to relax and heal, as well as lowering stress levels.

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