‘Sends your mind into overdrive’: Paint expert shares colours to ‘avoid’ in ‘small spaces’

B&Q: Expert shares advise for painting a room

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Usually, any room colours are best selected by taking the size and lighting of the room into consideration. The shade you select is important, helping even a small seem bigger and brighter. They can also heavily influence the atmosphere you’re hoping to create. Whether you want a cheerful space, a high-energy room, a tranquil haven, or an intimate chill-out zone, the colour you paint your walls has an impact.

Aaron Markwell, COAT Paints Colour Curator spoke exclusively to Express.co.uk on colours to avoid painting small rooms and which colours to opt for instead.

He said: “It’s probably best to avoid bright or vivid shades in small rooms, like Sun-yellows or Hot-pinks. 

“They’ll overpower the space, and send your mind into overdrive by stimulating the eyes – not something anyone wants at bedtime.”

For those insistent on using bright colours like these on accent walls rather than the whole room.

The paint pro noted that many opt for “lighter shades” in hopes that it makes a room “feel bigger”, but this is not necessarily the case.

He said: “Most people go for a lighter shade in smaller spaces, but the room can actually feel bigger with a dark colour – especially when you include the ceiling too.

“Dark colours absorb light, and blurring the hard edges of the space effectively softens them, so the room feels less enclosed. 

“Darker shades of Navy like ‘2AM’, and even Off-blacks like ‘David Rose’ work amazingly, creating a cocoon-like bedroom which can help with a restful night’s sleep.”

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Aaron warned homeowners to “be careful” when using paler colours in small rooms.

He explained: “Paler colours are the go-to for most people in smaller spaces, as they can create a more open and airy vibe. 

“But be careful of tone – warmer neutral shades like ‘Sunday Soul’ and ‘Good Intentions’ with beige-brown undertones work well, but Pure White or Grey shades can look dingy rather than spacious. 

Don’t assume that any neutral colour paint will work in your small space. 

A neutral colour that is too muted is going to make your room look small and dark. 

Look for warm neutral colours that reflect light around the room, and pair them with white accents for an open and airy style. 

A trick to make your neutral space look more spacious is to choose neutral furnishings, drapes, or linens, to match your wall colour. 

The expert added: “Think about the finish too, and use a Soft Sheen or Gloss paint to bounce light around the space.”

This is especially where natural light is limited.

Aaron also suggested using the same colour to paint your walls, ceilings and doors.

He said: “Whatever colour you pick, think about painting your walls, ceilings and doors the same colour, this elongates the room, making the space seem higher and creates a cocooning space.

“Or alternatively use a stronger, darker colour on the lower part of your wall to stretch the wall height and trick the eye with panelling or a half half colour divide.”

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