Is Spectrum down? Outages explained

SPECTRUM is one of the United States' largest internet providers.

On January 19, 2022, several customers complained that they were having problems with their service.

Is Spectrum down?

Reports of issues started around 12:30pm EST and have continued throughout the day, according to Down Detector.

47 percent of the reports are from users who are having issues with their landline internet services while 36 percent were suffering from a total blackout.

An additional 17 percent reported having no signal.

At this time, it remains unclear when Spectrum will resolve the issue.

How can I check if Spectrum is down?

Companies have been making it easier for users to check on the status of their sites.

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A few places where Spectrum users can check if the site is down include:

  • DownDetector
  • On Twitter @Ask_Spectrum
  • On Twitter @GetSpectrum
  • Online at

Users can also call Spectrum to report outages in their area.

Spectrum also lists an Outage and Troubleshooting page on their website where users can check outages in their area.

Their website lists instructions for customers to ensure they are staying up to date with outage alerts:

"Make Sure You're Getting Outage Alerts

"To manage your service notifications:

  1. Sign in. You’ll be taken to the Notifications sub tab within Settings.
  2. Select Manage under Service Notifications.
  3. Use the drop-down menus to make your updates and then select Save."

Users can also report outages directly to services like Down Detector by clicking the "I have a problem with Spectrum" button.

What are Spectrum users saying?

Many users have taken to social media to complain to the company's "Ask Spectrum" Twitter page and also ask for an estimated recovery time.

"Hi, I haven’t had internet in four hours. The app said there was an outage but that alert is gone and I still don’t have access," one user wrote on Twitter.

Another added: "I’m in 10025 NYC. No Wi-Fi all morning and no details with no timeline for fixing. What’s the deal? This is unacceptable."

A third person wrote: "There is outage as usual, nothing to review. Your service trash af."

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