I'm a Fortnite expert – here's a trick to make it easier to get a kill

A FORTNITE gamer has shared one pro tip that will make sure you come out of a gunfight as the winner.

Vizelooo on TikTok has shared an easy trick for Fortnite console players that will will boost your chances of taking out your opponent.

"After you shoot your opponent, move in a circle around them to your right," he explains.

"This will make you much harder to track, and will give you a better chance at winning that fight."

While he doesn't explicitly say that this is for console players, it's not a manoeuvre suited to mouse-users.

You can also move in a circle to the left — as long as you're in close quarters, and constantly moving around them, the direction .doesn't matter.

A few commentors are drawing comparisons between this technique and the Miyagi-Do method in Cobra Kai.

Some people are already in the know and have been using this trick in shooters for a while.

But this is the first that a lot of Fortnite players are hearing about this, and they're thrilled.

Vizlooo has also shared his controller sensitivity settings, which a handful of his followers asked about in the comments so they could pull the move off successfully.

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He goes over this in another clip showing players how to find their deadzone.

The deadzone is the amount of movement your controller's analogue stick will accept before the input is registered in-game.

Adjusting this can fix controller drift, but it also allows you to tweak the settings so that you can use much smaller movements to get a response in-game.

Vizelooo has his left stick deadzone set to 10% and right stick deadzone set to 7%. So do with that what you will!

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