What does abow mean on TikTok? Definition explained

THERE'S a new word on the block that everyone's using on TikTok.

You may have heard it already on the video sharing app, as the term has recently risen to prominence.

So where does it come from and what does it actually mean?

Where does abow come from?

The popularity of the word abow actually started on TikTok thanks to a song.

It's a twist on a little known rap called Blow the Whistle by 810Smoke.

In it, a singer is heard saying: "He told me throw it back, abow."

Some people also appear to be confused about the pronunciation.

It's said the same way as if bowing for someone, so "I had to do a bow before the Queen".

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What does abow mean?

It seems most TikTokers don't really know what abow means themselves.

Many have taken to simply using it as they see fit, mainly using the song in the background.

The most popular claim is that roughly means something along the lines of 'wow' or 'damn'.

So, it's a term to express shock.

According to Urban Dictionary, it is a Turkish term – though if you read comments on TikTok, some dispute this.

It's a word that is also said to be popular in Swedish slang.

Either way, expect to see and hear a lot more of it on the platform going forward.

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