‘Uplifting and comforting’: Cleaning expert shares importance of a ‘winter deep clean’

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Zoflora is a disinfectant that can be used to clean many household items and eliminate odour. Experts at Zoflora have revealed the best cleaning tips and how cleaning can create a space that is “uplifting and comforting”. Experts at Zoflora have revealed the importance of prioritising a winter deep clean to “maintain a hygienically clean home”.

The winter weather can affect a person’s mood so it is important to “prioritise” a “winter deep clean”.

Sarah Fozzard, Head of Home Hygiene at Zoflora commented: “As we head towards winter, the colder weather and shorter days can really impact our moods. 

“It’s important to prioritise a winter deep clean to not only maintain a hygienically clean home, but to create a space that is uplifting and comforting.”

In winter the perfect living conditions for germs are created. Luckily, there are a few easy ways to keep viruses and bacteria at bay, so homeowners can maintain a hygienically clean and beautifully fragrant space for everyone to enjoy.

Sarah explains how it is not just the common household areas that should be focused on when cleaning, but also the “high traffic areas” around the home.

She said: “Your winter deep clean should go further than just focusing on kitchen and bathroom surfaces. 

Don’t forget about other high traffic areas around your home, such as door handles and toilet flushes. To disinfect these germ hotspots, reach for Zoflora’s ready-to-use Disinfectant Mist.”

It is also important to remember to clean radiators as they can be “home to potential harmful germs”.

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Sarah said: “If not done regularly, radiators can become home to potentially harmful germs. 

“We recommend wiping down your radiator with diluted Zoflora to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, whilst eliminating odours and filling your home with beautiful fragrance.”

Bacteria and dirt can collect in hard to reach areas of your radiator, and this can build up over time. 

Another step is to minimise mould in homes.

Mould is known for developing in various places around the home, especially as the weather turns damp and cold.

Sarah suggests ventilating the home as an easy way to prevent mould growing.

She commented: “During the winter months our homes can be susceptible to mould growth due to the lack of ventilation and increased moisture in the air. 

“Ventilating your home is a quick and easy way to keep the mould at bay. When possible, keep windows and doors open or, even slightly ajar to reduce mould growth.”

The best way to use this disinfectant is to dilute it with water. The recommended ratio is 1:40, meaning adding one cap of Zoflora to 40 parts water.

For easy use, add the solution into a spray bottle and spray directly onto areas. Then wipe over it with a cloth.

Simply hold the can 15-20cm from surfaces and spray until a light coverage is achieved. Buff with a cloth for a streak-free shine. It also leaves hard surfaces touch dry in 45 seconds.

Zoflora can be used on items such as worktops, hard surfaces, the sink, bins and kitchen cupboards. 

It is also perfect to use on frequently touched hard surfaces such as toilet flushes and taps, or for freshening up sofas and dog beds by removing any unwanted odours.

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