Why isn’t my house selling? Property expert provides five top selling tips

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With some work, sellers can help place the odds in their favour. Speaking to Express.co.uk, Jamie Cooke, managing director at property auction firm iamsold, outlined how they could maximise their chances. He outlined five ways sellers can juice up their property to make it more enticing for buyers.


Mr Cooke said the right estate agent makes all the difference, and people should hunt around for advice.

He said: “Recommendations from neighbours or former neighbours will demonstrate that they already understand your area.

“Additionally, look for positive Trust Pilot and Google Reviews that talk positively about the agency, perhaps even mentioning someone by name directly that you can build a relationship with at the branch.”

Mr Cooke added that people shouldn’t be afraid to express their “preferences and your circumstances from the very start”.

Pursue cleanliness

Sellers should also make a habit of keeping their homes clean, as buyers will ultimately pick up on clutter.

Mr Cooke said: “Make sure your home is ready for the all-important listing images.

“Cluttered spaces are likely to put off any potential buyers, and often hide the potential in homes.

“In the interest of speed, there’s no need to crack out the magnolia paint, but keeping things tidy and clutter-free make it easier for a potential buyer to see themselves living in your property.”

Look ahead

When selling a house, it is easy to become consumed by the process.

Mr Cooke said people should try to get their financials in order at the same time if possible while keeping in mind what comes next.

He said: “The same amount of attention should be spent on your next step on the property ladder.

“Get to know your credit score, address any concerns, make sure you’re on the voting register and, if you’re buying on, get your mortgage in principle sorted.

“Make sure you’re also looking at properties and ready to make your own offers.”

Consider the alternatives

Seasoned sellers make no secret of how frustrating the process often is, with average completion timescales clocking in at 17.6 weeks, according to Mr Cooke.

There are alternative ways to sell a home, he added, including the “Modern Method of Auction” (MMoA).

He said: “MMoA offers completion times of 56-days and is growing in popularity amongst buyers and sellers.

“It has a 95 per cent completion rate, versus an average 30 per cent fall through for Private Treaty sales.

“With hugely popular property portal Rightmove highlighting properties that are available by auction, more buyers are becoming aware and confident with this method of purchase.”

Curate a paper trail

While paperless society has its benefits, physical documents can prove invaluable during the selling process.

Mr Cooke recommended people keep the following documents on hand:

  • Mortgage information
  • ID documents
  • Title deeds
  • Fitting and contents form
  • Property information form
  • Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)
  • Freehold or leasehold documents
  • Planning permission documents and original drawings (for any completed work)

He said the more information people have, the better, and keeping a digital backup could also prove vital.

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