Cleaning expert Iwan Carrington shares how to ‘clean smarter’ over the festive period

Mrs Hinch shares tips for cleaning tile grout

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It comes as new research unveiled one in 10 people feel anxious during the festive period due to pressure over making sure their homes are clean. One third of Britons (34 percent) added an average of 40 minutes to their routine throughout the pandemic, with the average spending time at 111 minutes a week. Two fifths of the nation (42 percent) also expressed their worry about what visitors may think about how clean their home is.

Iwan said: “As we approach the festive period, we’re likely to see more unexpected visitors drop by which can put pressure on us to feel like our homes must be spotless all the time.

“But I think we can clean smarter, not harder to get the results we want.

“I’ve pulled together these top tips to help as many people as possible to relax and enjoy the festive period without worrying about how much time they have to clean.”

Iwan’s top cleaning tips include hiding the clutter and sprucing up the bathroom.

The expert also recommended vacuuming and dusting.

He explained: “Take out your vacuum cleaner and use the brush attachment to go over any fabrics such as the sofa, rug or carpet to add those freshly cleaned lines.”

Vacuuming will also help to remove any dust or hair that may be trapped in soft furnishings.

The cleaning expert said keeping a “clutter basket” is also a great idea, hiding anything in it that may look out of place around the house.

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This can then be popped into the bottom of a cupboard or wardrobe and organised at a later date.

As well as tidying, cleaning is just as important over the festive period, including the bathroom that guests may be using.

Iwan said: “Remove dust and soap scum by quickly giving all the surfaces in your bathroom a quick wipe down with a piece of toilet paper.

“Once finished, fold over the edge of the roll to give your bathroom that hotel feel.”

For those wanting to make their house smell amazing, throwing oranges, cloves and cinnamon into a slow cooker with added water for a few hours will create a festive scent all over the home.

This is ideal for visiting guests or to mask cooking smells.

Dusting is often a job forgotten about but can make a huge difference to the look of a room.

Iwan recommended taking an old sock around the house to reduce dusting times.

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He said: “It can go over your hand, making it easier to remove the dust from ornaments, blinds and the tops of picture frames.”

After dusting, it is a good idea to disinfect any surfaces.

Iwan recommended making a homemade cleaner with a combination of common household products.

The expert added: “Make your own multi-purpose spray that can be used to clean most surfaces by mixing white vinegar, water, a dash of washing up liquid and a few drops of essential oil.”

This can be used all over the house including the kitchen and bathroom.

Kara Keating, Marketing Manager at Bosch Home Appliances, commented: “We know that the festive period can be a stressful time, and with unexpected guests dropping by we can all feel the pressure to make sure the house is ‘guest worthy’.

“But with products like the Bosch Unlimited Series 6, we can be sure to clean smarter, not harder to get the results we want.”

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