‘Came up lovely’ Mrs Hinch fan shares 30p product to remove water marks from shower screen

Mrs Hinch shares tips for cleaning tile grout

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Mrs Hinch – real name Sophie Hinchliffe – rose to fame after she started to share cleaning tips and tricks online. With more than four million followers, fans of the social media sensation regularly share their own hacks with one another one dedicated Facebook pages.

Posting on the Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips, one woman asked for some help cleaning her shower screen.

Limescale can easily build up on shower screens due to the heat from the water.

When hard water is heated or left to evaporate on a surface, it leaves behind a chalky limescale.

This can be extremely hard to remove, if not done so as soon as it settles.

Rianna Hayward wrote: “Can anyone help me to get rid of limescale and hard water stains on my glass shower screen?

“I’ve tried everything including limescale remover, left it on for ages and it didn’t work! Any ideas?”

The post attracted several comments from group members all sharing their tips and tricks.

Wend Mo said: “I use washing up liquid and vinegar, they came up lovely.”

Using white vinegar is one of the best ways to target limescale, and is also very cheap to purchase.

Linda Maria wrote: “White vinegar! It’s only 30p from a lot of supermarkets and works just as well as any other product, it’s great.”

Others recommended mixing white vinegar with bicarbonate of soda to create a cleaning paste.

Helen Rock commented: “Use a combination of the two and leave it on the shower screen for several minutes, up to an hour.

“Take a glass scraper to help the cleaning mixture work and it should come straight off.”

Glass scrapers can be picked up from various different retailers such as Amazon for around £1.

Many group members have previously shared how they use glass scrapers on electric hobs to remove stains.

Sharing advice on the same Facebook group, Natalie Evans shared her method for getting her shower screen streak-free.

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She wrote: “Up until today I thought my shower was clean, I clean it down every time it’s been used.

“This morning I cleaned it with half a lemon, bi-carb and white vinegar, cannot believe how streak-free and shiny my shower screen is!

“Not to mention the colour of the water after cleaning it.”

Lemon is another great household cleaner, which has both antiseptic and antibacterial properties. 

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