DIYer saves £1000s on ‘Feng Shui’ bedroom update with ‘bargains’ from IKEA, Argos and Aldi

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Anna Bielna, 38 from Blackpool who is a naturopath and YouTuber told money-saving community how she managed to turn her bare bedroom into a relaxing space. Anna, who is known as Anna’s Feng Shui on Instagram, created a Feng Shui bedroom on a budget by shopping around for the best deals and bargains. The homeowner said she “loves Feng Shui” and wanted to create a space which was both calming, cosy and neutral with a retro-modern vibe at the same time.

When she moved into the property, Anna said the house was empty with bare floors so she had to buy furniture for all the rooms and all the kitchen appliances.

Anna said she knew her spending could “get out of control” so she did her own research, applied her own designs and followed the principles of Feng Shui to create the desired look.

The DIYer wanted furniture with legs, a minimalist grey colour palette with touches of natural wood, a chest of drawers, a tall boy and a bedside table.

She said she found that Argos offered the best options for this.

She said: “I browsed their soft line furniture range and picked up a chest of drawers for £250.

“These are really heavy duty, with eight drawers, and they can handle a lot of stuff.

“I was looking on designer sites initially when I was researching the vibe I wanted and the average price was £800 so I got a good price with this one.

“The tall boy was £130 and sits nicely in the corner of my room.

“I would have had to pay around £450 on average if I got a similar design elsewhere so I was pleased with the bargain here.”

She also bought a bedside table with three drawers for £90 which she thought was an “average price”.

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Her grey curtains cost her £15 from eBay, and her set of white tables cost her £35.99 from Amazon.

She also purchased a stool from Aldi for £14.99, a shelf from IKEA for just £15 and a mattress for £99.

Anna was also lucky enough to find a radiator cover on eBay for just £50.

“I have a large radiator and other customised ones I found online were £150 on average, so I saved a decent amount of money,” she added.

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The cushions on her bed were a “bargain” from Pepco which cost her £5 each.

She added colour to the room by buying some plants from B&Q and Lidl.

She waited until the plants were on sale, buying the large ones for around £20 on average and the smaller ones for between £5 and £10 each.

However, despite all these amazingly priced deals, Anna said the “best bargain” was her floor.

She explained: “I paid a really low price compared to the flooring sold in B&Q or Wickes.

“I got 8mm laminate flooring in the shade Grey Oak from UK Flooring Direct for £10.99 per metre squared, which is about half the price I found in other online stores.

“It’s much cheaper if you buy flooring directly from the floor factory. I purchased 20 square metres and it cost me just under £220.”

To save more money, Anna’s friend laid the floor for her for free and installed the radiator cover.

She looked up some quotes online and found the cheapest was £150 per day.

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