Baking soda cleaning hacks: 5 baking soda tips you NEED for your cleaning routine

Cleaning: Tips on how to eliminate odours from your fridge

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Cleaning the house is considered a chore by many, however, the cleanfluencer movement is continuing to provide social media users with cheap products and easy hacks for keeping your home clean. One wonder product pushed by the likes of Mrs Hinch (Sophie Hinchliffe) is baking soda – an easy to find, cheap household item which can shift stains and smells with ease.

Baking soda can be found at most supermarkets, and on Amazon from as little as £1.

The reason baking soda is such a wonder product is due to it being a mild alkali.

This means baking soda causes dirt and grease to dissolve easily in water, and in powder form can absorb smells.

For five top hacks for using baking soda around your home – including a couple of Mrs Hinch tips – read on!

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1. Cleaning your mattress

While we may change our sheets often enough, our mattresses may go unwashed for months at a time.

One of Mrs Hinch’s quick cleaning hacks involves baking soda and a hoover to restore your mattress to its store-bought glory.

First, remove all sheets and covers from your mattress to leave it bare.

Next, using a sieve or your hands sprinkle baking soda over the mattress – concentrating on any dirty areas.

Leave to sit for an hour, then take your hoover on the nozzle attachment and hoover up the powder.

This should leave your mattress smelling fresh and looking cleaner.

2. Shifting unwanted smells

We’ve all opened our fridge and smelled that unmistakable off smell – but instead of cleaning out your entire fridge all you need is baking soda.

Make sure you’ve thrown away any off foods and wiped up any spillages first.

Then add a cup of baking soda to a small jar, cup or container.

Place this in the fridge and shut the door.

After a while the baking soda will have absorbed the odour from your fridge, leaving it smelling clean.

You can swap out the baking soda every so often – ensuring your fridge always smells nice.

3. Cleaning silver jewellery

One key baking soda hack from Mrs Hinch came when she cleaned her wedding ring.

Using baking soda and white vinegar, the social media cleaning sensation was left with sparkling jewellery.

Sharing the measurements on Instagram, Mrs Hinch said to use half a cup of white vinegar and two tablespoons of baking soda.

Pop these in a container and add your silver jewellery for two to three hours.

Once the time is up, use cold clean water to rinse the jewellery.

Then buff dry with a microfibre cloth and voila – sparkling jewels.

4. Cleaning burnt pans

Burnt pans can be a nightmare to clean, with hours spent soaking and scrubbing.

But you can use a handy mixture to shift the grime with ease – baking soda and white vinegar.

First, fill your pan with water until the bottom is just covered and then add one cup of vinegar.

Bring this solution to a boil and remove from the heat.

Next, add two tablespoons of baking soda and leave for a few minutes. You may see some fizzing but this is normal!

Finally, wash the pan as you would normally – using a scourer on any stubborn burnt areas.

5. Removing limescale

Those who live in hard water areas are no stranger to limescale, with yellowy deposits building up on taps, sinks and bathtubs.

However, you can use baking soda to shift these.

In a container, mix two parts bicarbonate of soda with one part white vinegar.

Stir to form a paste and then generously apply to areas with limescale stains.

Leave to sit for around 10 minutes then scrub with the rough side of a sponge.

Rinse with clean water and the stains will have gone!

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