Hasbro whistleblower claims of CRT push through toy packaging; training says 6 month olds can be racist

Hasbro whistleblower David Johnson speaks out on CRT training

‘Monopoly’ maker allegedly subjected workers to critical race theory seminar

A consultancy firm employee working on a project for Hasbro blew the whistle on reported critical race theory training inside the Rhode Island-based toy and boardgame giant, adding that he believes the company wants to use its packaging and other features to push the ideology on young children.

David Johnson, a packaging engineer contracting with Hasbro through IT recruitment firm Harvey Nash according to Project Veritas, told “Hannity” on Monday that when he received an announcement scheduling a critical race theory-related training, he immediately felt the foresight to record the lecture.

Johnson, who first shared his story with Project Veritas, told host Sean Hannity that Conscious Kids co-founder Kate Ishizuka-Stephens declared during the training that “by 3 to 6 months, babies are beginning to notice and already express preference by race.

“By age three, children are already starting to apply stereotypes, and research shows that they also may use racist language intentionally at this age. White children at this age may report explicit or overt negative attitudes towards people of color,” Ishizuka-Stephens claimed later in the session, according to video released by Project Veritas.

She later further claimed that children as young as 5 can display a “pro-White bias,” declaring that all White people are “socially privileged.”

Johnson, who is Black, told Hannity that as soon as he heard Ishizuka-Stephens claiming as fact that babies are inherently racist, that he needed to disseminate her comments to warn parents what might be soon presented to their children.

Hannity said he has reached out to Hasbro, which owns trademark rights to Milton Bradley games like Battleship and Parker Brothers games like Monopoly, for comment but that it was not received by airtime.

Johnson added that the reason he opposes critical race theory is that it runs counter to the values embodied by true civil rights icons like the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“CRT teaches people — and at Hasbro they wanted to teach children — to judge people based on race. And that’s not something that I feel that I think Dr. Martin Luther King would’ve supported,” he said.

“That’s something [King] wanted to end in this country. It’s not the correct path forward that we should be taking.”

Later in the interview, attorney Leo Terrell applauded Johnson and thanked him for his bravery in speaking out, no matter the occupational consequences.

Terrell added that, as a Black critic of CRT, Johnson further wrecks Democrats’ narrative that CRT is a “Black versus White” situation and instead is a sociopolitical disparity.

“I want to make sure everyone hears this. People of all colors are against critical race theory. It is important for Black Americans like you, sir, and myself to say we are not part of that. We believe in judging people by their character and not by skin color. So sir, you have done a great job in throwing a wedge into critical race theory because they want you to believe that all of us support that. We do not. Thank you. Thank you very much,” said Terrell.

After Johnson disclosed he has since been suspended and had lost access to Hasbro work accounts pending further investigation, Hannity asked Terrell if he would help the whistleblower.

“You are on notice, Hasbro,” Terrell said. “Let me think about that (helping Johnson). Yeah.”

Johnson replied that he is not concerned about being suspended because it is the “cost of speaking truth to power” and helping warn Americans of agendas like CRT.

According to an updated report by Project Veritas, Harvey Nash informed Johnson via a recorded phone call that he has had his access to Hasbro systems suspended, and that a probe has commenced into whether he breached a confidentiality policy/agreement.

“At this moment, your assignment with Hasbro — your access to all companyrelated information has been suspended for the moment while they do this investigation,” said Jason Pyle, the company’s president, according to Project Veritas.

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