Caitlyn Jenner says America must move forward with 'love of country' and 'being a patriot'

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Jenner sounds off on crime in the United States and the California recall election on ‘Justice with Judge Jeanine’

Caitlyn Jenner discussed pride in the American flag and her run for governor of California Saturday on “Justice with Judge Jeanine,” noting that Californians can’t let Gov. Gavin Newsom forget the “terrible job” he did running the state during the pandemic. 

Jenner noted that in her lifetime, pride in America and the American flag has changed, but she still considers herself a patriot. 

“I’ve seen through the years the deterioration of our flag, of our love of country,” she said. “I still love our country. Certainly, we have issues, but I’m a patriot.” 

Jenner referenced Olympic hammer thrower Gwen Berry who turned away from the flag while the national anthem played at the Olympic trials last month, saying the actions bother her, but she still believes in individual freedoms. 

“I think people like that, who are going to disrespect our flag to make a political statement on social media, technically have a right to do that,” she said. “But they also have the right to deserve the consequences that come out of their actions.” 

The problem, Jenner noted, is that in many cases, there are not enough consequences. 

“Sometimes, you become big stars for stuff like that,” she said. “Like getting commercials for Nike and things like that. That bothers me tremendously.” 

“This woke world that we’re living in right now, honestly, I don’t know how we move forward. We have to move forward and be strong, we have to move forward with love of country, being a patriot, and that is so important to me,” she added. 

Jenner also noted that Berry should not be allowed to make a political statement while at the Olympics. “Just stand there and be proud of what you accomplished,” she said. 

The California gubernatorial candidate turned her attention to the recall of Gov. Gavin Newsom, noting that despite the governor’s rising approval rating, she still believes the state needs new leadership. 

“The decline of California has only accelerated under his rule,” Jenner said. 

“Gavin Newsom is only interested in himself, only interested in keeping his position. We have to keep the pressure on him.” 

Jenner said she believes parents will be the driving force behind ousting Newsom, given his actions during the coronavirus pandemic. 

“I feel like the people that are really going to get him out of office are the parents and the mothers of the kids,” she said. “And this is the reason for the recall. Because he’s done such a terrible job shutting our schools down for the last year. We can’t let him forget it.” 

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