Pre-launch sneak peek at Mahindra XUV700 features

Mahindra has been previewing some of the XUV700’s segment first features in a build-up to the SUV’s upcoming global debut. Revealed in a series of teaser videos, Mahindra has provided a glimpse of the upcoming SUV’s sunroof, flush-sitting pop-out door handles, personalised safety alerts and headlamp technology.

Auto booster headlamps

The XUV700 will get a feature called ‘Auto Booster Headlamps’ which Mahindra claims automatically switches on additional lights to boost headlamps when the SUV crosses the 80 kph mark. The throw of the headlamps improves significantly with the Auto Booster function, enhancing safety at higher speeds at night, when visibility can be poor.

Panoramic Skyroof

Next is the panoramic sunroof or as Mahindra is calling it the ‘Skyroof’. At 1360mm in length and 870mm in breadth, it will be the biggest sunroof in its segment as compared to its direct rivals such as the Tata Safari, MG Hector Plus and all-new Hyundai Alcazar.

Smart door handles

The XUV 700 will come with new flush sitting pop-out, smart door handles — a feature that has been seen on vehicles in the luxury segments such as the new Mercedes S-class and some Jaguar and Land Rover models. However, it is not clear if the door handles will featured power-operated pop-out function or will be a simple lever-type arrangement.

Personalized safety alerts

Another interesting feature are the personalised safety alerts that Mahindra says will deliver a personalized message to slow down, in the voice of our loved ones if the SUV is over speeding instead of the simple ‘beep’ alerts mandatorily fitted to all vehicles currently on sale.

Mahindra is expected to officially take the wraps off the XUV700 sometime in the second half of July.

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