Mark Levin lays out how Americans can combat Marxism

Mark Levin: Progressives are enemies because they want to destroy America

‘American Marxism’ author joins ‘Hannity’ to preview his new book

“Life, Liberty & Levin” host Mark Levin joined “Hannity” to discuss how people can begin to fight back against the growing popularity of Marxism in the United States.

MARK LEVIN: It’s not possible to get into everything and it doesn’t also mean I have every idea imaginable on Earth and that’s one of the things we need to think about and talk about too. I start with the tactics and motives of the left. We see what they are doing. Other than looting and burning and arson, in terms of their peaceful actions, we ought to learn from them, we got to steal some of their ideas. For instance, the BDS movement I have in the book: boycott, divestment, sanction, which the anti-Semites use against Israel, but why shouldn’t we use them legitimately against these Marxist movements and these entities. These corporations in America, if they want to throw in with these and they do that in these totalitarianism type regimes or movements and so forth, all over the world, then they need to pay a price. 

One of the things I suggest is all over the country, we create these community committees in every part of the community committees to watch what’s going on in our school districts, to watch what’s going on in our libraries, to be activists and what I can also say is, look you don’t have to be a Republican or conservative let’s put our differences aside if you love this country, put the disputations and the surface differences aside. We must galvanize and we must unite. So boycott, divest, sanction wherever we can. I say use Alinsky tactics, target, personalize. Yes, use Cloward and Piven tactics, which is in some cases overwhelm a system, kill the system, replace the system when it comes to corporations in particular, we have shareholder meetings at corporations, we need to attend those meetings and make our voices heard, we need to demand responsibility, we need to demand the kind of reactions we want when it comes to public education. Not just parents, but thousands and thousands of taxpayers, we own these schools, need to show up. We need to file FOIA requests for teachers’ contracts. We need to know how teachers are hired, want to know if their ratings are based on merit, we have a whole slew of questions we never asked before that we want to know right now and it goes on.


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