This Is The Oldest House For Sale In America

In general, the oldest homes in America were built in the country’s New England region or down the coast to the areas around New York City and Philadelphia. These were the first parts of the United States that were heavily populated. Many houses built in the 1700s and 1800s still stand. A relatively small handful of occupied homes were built in the 1600s. One of those is on the market today and is the oldest house for sale in America.

The house at 2730 Creamery Rd, New Hope, Pennsylvania, was built in 1650, well over a century before the American Revolution. It carries an asking price of $1.495 million. The house has three stories, four bedrooms, and 3.5 baths. At 2,020 square feet, it is relatively small for that many rooms. The house sits on 2.07 acres. Based on the property’s history, it was last sold on Nov. 27, 2018, for $1.1 million after being listed for $1.25 million on July 26 of the same year.

Even though the house is extremely old, among the attractions to a buyer are that it has a new roof and new windows. The kitchen appliances are also relatively new. The heat and central air conditioning were also installed fairly recently. Among the house’s older charms is that it has three fireplaces. It sits in a semi-rural area near several farms.

The house is not expensive by neighborhood standards. One home on the road has an estimated value of $2 million. Another is estimated at almost $1.2 million.

New Hope is on the Delaware River, west of New York City and north of Philadelphia. In light traffic, it is about one hour from each of the two large cities.

New Hope has a population of 2,350. It is extremely affluent with a median annual household income of $94,526, about $25,000 above the national median. The poverty rate, at 6.8%, is well below the national figure.

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