MSNBC contributor criticized for using term 'human infrastructure' in report on Biden's agenda

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MSNBC contributor Jake Sherman was accused of using Democratic talking points on Twitter Thursday for referring to President Biden’s agenda as geared toward “hard infrastructure” and “human infrastructure.”

“We are at beginning of a very long and complicated process when it comes to Biden’s agenda — both on the hard infrastructure & human infrastructure side will require a tremendous amount of work by @JoeBiden @WHCOS, Ricchetti, but most importantly, @SpeakerPelosi and @SenSchumer,” Sherman tweeted.

“There’s no such thing as ‘human infrastructure,’” more than a few social media users said.

Many critics wondered if Sherman was a Democratic operative or on Biden’s payroll.

“Not seeing ‘Biden 2020 Campaign staff’ in this dude’s bio after reading this tweet really blew my mind,” tweeted Fox News host Joey Jones.

“‘Human infrastructure’?” I assumed this was a quote from a Dem operative until I noticed the lack of quotation marks, but at least the ‘we’ part makes sense. Reporters are playing an important role in advancing this agenda,” said another user.

“It must just be a coincidence that they adopt all of the Dem spin and framing while fact-checking Republican spin and framing as false,” the same user later added.

Sherman would later defend his use of the phrase “human infrastructure” as shorthand similar to Obamacare, the popular nickname for former President Barack Obama’s health care reform. Other reporters and pundits have also used the Biden administration expression, albeit in quotation marks.

The backlash over Sherman’s descriptor on Biden’s infrastructure plans marked the second time in a week the former Politico writer has been accused of political bias. Last week, Sherman caught flak for tweeting, “Biden just now to reporters: You’re the brightest people in the country. Trump didn’t say that.”

“Reporter tweets compliment from President Biden that he’s part of the brightest crowd in the country. Americans see this cabal of protection,” former acting DNI Ric Grenell wrote. 

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