Andy Ngo slams Antifa, claims they ‘tried to kill me’ in Portland attack

Antifa targets conservative journalist moments after he returned to Portland

Andy Ngo recounts the disturbing assault on ‘The Ingraham Angle’

Writer Andy Ngo denounced Antifa and detailed an alleged assault against him in Portland, Oregon, last week in a series of Twitter messages posted Wednesday night.

He also spoke about his ordeal during an appearance Wednesday night on Fox News’ “The Ingraham Angle.”

Ngo claimed he wore a mask in Portland last Friday and tried to infiltrate Antifa to learn more about the group – but suspects he was discovered because he held back from joining others in “criminal activity.”

“Then they pulled off my mask and my goggles and shouted ‘That’s him! Get him! Get him!’ And I ran for my life in downtown Portland in the middle of the street. There was no police,” he told host Laura Ingraham.

He then claimed he was beaten until he could reach safety inside a downtown hotel.

“No journalist in America should ever face violence for doing his or her job,” Ngo wrote on Twitter. “Yet on Friday, May 28, Antifa tried to kill me again while I was reporting on the ongoing protests and riots in Portland, Ore.”

Ngo’s other tweets included photos from a hospital emergency room, showing injuries that Ngo claimed he had suffered after being tackled and beaten by Antifa activists last Friday.

He also included booking information for a 26-year-old suspect, claiming the suspect was arrested in connection with the alleged assault.

Ngo shared his complete account of what happened last Friday.

“I was chased, attacked and beaten by a masked mob, baying for my blood,” he claimed. “Had I not been able to shelter wounded and bleeding inside a hotel while they beat the doors and windows like animals, there is no doubt in my mind I would not be here today.”

Ngo then posted tweets that were purportedly posted by Antifa activists about Ngo’s presence on the streets of Portland that night.


“They never really finish the Andy Ngo problem effectively like they should,” another wrote.

“Antifa wants me dead because I document what they want to stay hidden,” wrote Ngo, author of “Unmasked: Inside Antifa’s Radical Plan to Destroy Democracy.”

“The attacks against me and threats on my life are retribution for my work as a journalist, recording the tactics and true ideology of an extremist clandestine movement that relies on deception and regards the truth as the greatest threat of all,” Ngo wrote.

Ngo claimed some riot police gathered outside the hotel, with the officers drawing accusations from the mob of “protecting Andy Ngo.”

He wrote that he was later transported to a hospital by ambulance after being led out a back entrance.

“When Antifa last beat me for doing my job in 2019, doctors told me I could have died from the brain hemorrhage caused by the blows to my head,” Ngo wrote. “I have made more than two dozen reports of subsequent threats and attacks to the Portland Police, and as far as I am aware no action has been taken.”

But he claimed Portland police arrested a suspect named Sean Gabriel Lopez on charges including unlawful use of a weapon, attempted assault and rioting in connection with the assault against him. Ngo included booking information on Lopez from the Multnomah County Sheriff’s Office showing Lopez had been released on bail pending further legal action.

“I call on the Portland Police and federal authorities to act on this before Antifa operatives hiding behind their masks succeed in murdering an American journalist on their watch,” Ngo wrote. “And I call on journalists and all those who believe in the First Amendment to join me in standing against the tyranny of those who use violence to terrorize, silence and suppress the truth.”

Ngo also posted messages of support from several other writers and journalists. They included comments from Seattle radio host Jason Rantz, The Post Millennial editor in chief Libby Emmons and The Spectator associated editor Douglas Murray.

“Antifa radicals and other activists threaten, bully and even assault media members who they don’t think will cooperate with their message,” Rantz wrote. “It’s happened to me, it’s happened to colleagues. And something needs to be done before more journalists get hurt – or worse.”

“Attacks on Andy Ngo by Antifa militants persist because they fear what he knows about them, what he can and has exposed about their tactics, their level aggression, and their mission of destruction,” Emmons wrote.

“What has happened to Andy Ngo is a disgrace,” Murray wrote. “It is a disgrace that the streets of Portland have been effectively abandoned by law enforcement.”

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