Cleaning: Hate cleaning? Fabulosa expert shares tips on how to create a ‘cleaning routine’

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Cleaning brand Fabulosa has recently taken the UK by storm as Britons prioritise the cleanliness of their homes. The fragrant cleaning products leave homes smelling incredible while simultaneously getting rid of 99.9 percent of bacteria and viruses. The brand’s new products include bathroom sprays, a limescale remover, a glass spray and a carpet foam freshener.

Cleaning your home may not sound like the most appealing task but Fabulosa’s Chief Fragrance Officer Jennifer Sharpe has revealed how Britons can create a fun cleaning routine using Fabulosa’s latest products.

She said: “We want people to find joy in cleaning, especially when tackling the typical ‘not so fun’ jobs like toilets and rubbish bins.

“We have lots of great tips on how to create a cleaning routine that you will love.”

Listen to music

Ms Sharpe suggests creating a cleaning playlist to make the task more fun and appealing.

The right song can also lift your mood, especially if you’re left with a spotless home at the end of the day.

Get your children involved

During half term, it can be hard to get children involved with anything other than watching TV or playing video games.

Ms Sharpe suggests getting children to join in with a simple task as it can teach them about good hygiene habits.

She said: “If you have teenagers, give them the task of freshening the rugs, carpets, and upholstery with Fabulosa’s Foam Freshener.

“Turn the music up, and before you know it, your upholstry will be fresh and clean smelling.

“The quick drying foam works into fabrics without leaving a mess, so it’s a win-win for everyone.”

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Turn it into a game

Another one for children is seeing how fast they can clean and whether they can beat their previous times.

The cleaning expert recommends using Fabulosa’s new range of anti- bacterial wipes for this game.

She said: “A great task for children to help with is wiping down surfaces with disinfectant wipes.

“Our new range of anti-bacterial wipes are perfect for this game, so see how fast they can wipe down all vertical surfaces in the kitchen.

“Can they do it in under five minutes?”

Not only will your kitchen be fresh and clean but it will also smell like rainbow drops.

Try an audiobook

With more Britons inside during lockdown, reading has definitely become more popular.

However, not everyone has the time to sit down and read a book, especially if there are household tasks to complete.

Instead, try listening to one while cleaning.

For your daily cleaning routine, such as wiping down surfaces, Ms Sharpe recommends using Fabulosa’s four-in-one disinfectant.

She said: “We suggest trying Fabulosa’s Dragonflower Disinfectant.

“To use Fabulosa’s four in one disinfectant, dilute a capful into 400ml of water.

“Use the diluted Fabulosa for your daily disinfecting routine.”

Make it short but consistent

If you still aren’t getting into a cleaning routine then Fabulosa recommends making it short and sweet by doing it in five minutes.

Rather than spending hours cleaning your home, Ms Sharpe suggests cleaning everyday for just five minutes.

She said: “Grab your favourite Fabulosa fragrance, and give the taps, surfaces and sink a good wipe down.

“Even a job as small as this will make you feel a sense of accomplishment and you might even enjoy it!”

Fabulosa recommends customers always read the label and full product instructions before use.

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