Signs your boiler is about to break – how to avoid huge repair bill

Steph’s Packed Lunch: Expert gives advice on broken boilers

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The UK is seeing extremely cold weather with some parts reaching the lowest temperatures in more than 25 years last night. The cold weather means Britons will more likely have their heating on for longer periods of time as well as using it more frequently. Experts have shared what to do if you think your boiler is on the brink. 

With many people working from home, is it important to regularly check the boiler to see if there could be something wrong with it.

Typically, a boiler needs replacing every 15 years as well as being serviced each year.

Home heating experts at Boiler Guide have shared signs you should look out for if you think your boiler may be breaking as well as what you should do. 

If you suspect a gas leak and can smell gas in your home, then the experts advise you to contact the Gas Emergency Services as soon as possible as it can be extremely toxic.

Boiler Guide Founder, David Holmes said: ”We often take our heating for granted, but if something does go wrong it doesn’t take long to feel the effects, especially with the weather being so cold at the moment. 

“For safety reasons, it’s vital to know what you can and can’t do to get your boiler back up and running. If you are in any doubt, always get in touch with a heating professional.”

A broken boiler means that you could be left without heating or hot water which is typically noticed very quickly.

However there are also other signs that your boiler could be on the brink. 

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The experts explain that common signs of a faulty boiler include an orange or yellow pilot light when it should be blue as well as banging, clanking or tapping noises. 

Other signs include a failure to maintain a steady pressure as well as burning through an unusually high amount of gas.

What are the simple checks you can do to check for a broken boiler?

The experts at Boiler Guide explain that you need to check your electrical supply and ensure that your boiler is still plugged in. If it is but you still have no power, it is advised to contact your electrical supplier. 

If there has been a power cut recently, it is possible the boiler’s lock has reset and all the preferred settings have been lost. 

For anyone with a gas boiler, a simple check is to see whether or not other gas appliances are working, such as a stove.

Another way to check for a broken boiler is to check the pressure.

The experts said: “Take a look at the pressure gauge on your boiler. The typical range for modern boilers is 1.0-1.5 bar, always check the manufacturer’s instructions in the manual that came with your boiler.”

If the boiler pressure is too low, then you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions to refill and restart the whole system. 

Other things to do is to check the thermostat is working as well as checking for frozen pipes. 

Frozen pipes are a common problem in winter and the blockage can cause the water to fill up the boiler which triggers an automatic shutdown. 

This is best solved by an engineer but there are some ways you can try to resolve it yourself.

The experts recommend pouring hot, but not boiling water onto the end of the pipe as well as applying a hot water bottle or heat wrap to the pipe.

All of these steps can tested before calling an expert, and they could save you a fortune.

If you are still experiencing problems, then a professional should be called to deal with the issue.

David Holmes added: “If you are having problems with your heating, do not delay in trying to get help. Heating engineers are classified as key workers and will be able to visit your home safely and within the current lockdown guidelines.” 

A broken boiler should never be ignored as dangers include a carbon monoxide leak or even an explosion.

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