Feds Charge Man Who Admitted To Drinking Wine, Stealing Book During Capitol Riot

A Trump supporter who admitted to drinking pilfered wine and stealing a book on Senate procedure from the U.S. Capitol was charged by federal authorities on Friday.

Jason Riddle, who appeared on Boston’s local NBC station after the insurrection at the Capitol, faces three charges: entering a restricted building without lawful authority, theft of government property, and violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol Grounds.

Riddle told the outlet he did not regret going into the Capitol, and said he “poured a glass of wine and watched it all unfold.” He took a selfie of himself holding a bottle of wine he stole.

Federal authorities searched Riddle’s home in Keene, New Hampshire, on Jan. 22 and told him he wasn’t under arrest. Riddle, who agreed to an interview, “admitted that he walked into an office and found an open bottle of wine on or in a refrigerator and poured himself a glass,” according to a statement of facts by an FBI special agent. He left when a police officer came in.

He also admitted stealing a red book, which he said he sold to an unknown man for $40 after leaving the building. He also took a small Fox News football from the office, but said he tossed it aside when he exited the Capitol.

Afterward, Riddle told the FBI, he went on a “delete frenzy.”

Authorities confirmed that the wine and the book were taken from the Office of the Senate Parliamentarian. 


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