Rudy Giuliani’s Latest Conspiracy Theory Too Much Even For Steve Bannon

Although Steve Bannon loves spreading baseless conspiracy theories, the latest one proffered by Rudy Giuliani was too bizarre even for him.

Donald Trump’s former attorney appeared on a podcast hosted by the ex-president’s former chief White House strategist on Thursday to offer his latest theory on the Jan. 6 insurrection.

The vast amount of evidence indicates that the rioters who stormed the U.S. Capitol were Trump supporters egged on by his own evidence-free claims that the election had been stolen, but Giuliani had a different take this week.

First, Giuliani tried to blame the riot on antifa, even though the FBI has said there’s no evidence of that loosely organized group’s involvement. 

Then, he suggested that the insurrection was organized, in part, by a person who he claimed was connected with the Lincoln Project, a conservative group opposed to Trump.

Bannon naturally asked who that person might be, only to have Giuliani go off on a tangent.

Bannon tried to shut that down: “OK, but who is it? Rudy, we can’t say — yo. Yo!”

Giuliani then said he wasn’t sure if he could reveal the person’s name because “we have that from anonymous sources.”

That set Bannon off.

“This is why we’re getting blown up all the time,” Bannon shot back. “You can’t throw a charge out there like that and then say, ‘I got a double-secret-probation guy who I can’t mention!’”

Naturally, the Lincoln Project retweeted the cringe-inducing exchange. 

Other Twitter users had strong reactions to that tweet, to the point that “Even Bannon” started trending on Friday afternoon.

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