Owners Discuss Removing Trump’s Name From Manhattan Highrise: Report

A group of owners at the Trump Palace condominium on Manhattan’s Upper East Side met recently to discuss the possibility of removing the former president’s name from the building, one of them told Bloomberg.

Now the building manager is exploring how that could be done, according to resident Michael Schoenman, Bloomberg reported Friday.

Owners of other buildings with Donald Trump’s name emblazoned on the structures are also reportedly considering the idea — particularly after Trump’s impeachment on “incitement of insurrection” linked to the storming of the U.S. Capitol by his supporters on Jan. 6.

Even since Trump’s 2016 election, real estate attorney Alan Bailey told Bloomberg he has been asked about removing the name from buildings.

“I have received calls from every building with Trump on it in the city trying to get it removed,” Bailey said. “Over time in New York, Donald Trump has not been very popular, and New York is about money, so having Trump’s name on the building reduces its value.”

Trump SoHo rebranded as The Dominick in 2017. After Trump was elected president, at least one building on the Upper West Side removed a Trump sign.

An alderman in Chicago is demanding the name be removed from Trump Tower, calling it a “stain” on the skyline. After an ugly business battle over a “tarnished brand,” Trump’s name was stripped off the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Panama City in 2018.

Lois Miller, 88, has rented a condo in Trump Palace for five years, but she told Bloomberg she didn’t realize it was a Trump property until she moved in.

“When I saw it, I said, ‘Oh, my God. I live here?’”

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