Martin Lewis advises on the best way to improve a credit score – ‘pay in full!’

Martin Lewis provides credit cards advice on This Morning

Martin Lewis, Money Saving Expert, is well-known for helping people tackle their debt, and today he showed another example of doing so. Appearing on ITV’s This Morning Martin spoke to one gentleman named Ian who was looking to improve his financial wellbeing. Ian was looking for ways to increase his credit score and decided to take out a credit card to do this.

But he rang in to ask Martin what the best approach to paying off this card would be.

Thankfully, Martin was on hand with practical advice to help all Britons looking to improve their credit score.

A cashback card, he said, is likely to be the best course of actions 

He said: “One of the things I would do is go onto a cashback eligibility calculator which will show you if there are any cashback cards out there you’re eligible for.

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“Then I would do £50 or £100 a month of spending on this card.

“This should be your normal spending, nothing extra, as this isn’t a reason to overspend. But definitely spend on it.”

But of course, it is also of the utmost importance to ensure a credit card is paid off.

This is because debt on a card like this can quickly build up if it is not addressed, and interest can also be added.

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The time at which a credit card should be paid off was also a question posed by Ian, who looked for more clarity.

Martin went on to explain: “When you pay it off in the month is neither hither nor tither, as long as you pay it off in full!

“What I would suggest you do is to set up a Direct Debit to clear this in full each month.”

This approach is likely to be advantageous for Britons looking to tackle any credit card arrangements they may have.

This is because the individual will not forget about their arrangement, and therefore will not accrue any interest due to a missed payment.

Martin added that as long as a person does not withdraw cash on the card or go over their set credit limit, this situation will be advantageous. 

But he also concluded by explaining how people should approach sorting out their Direct Debit.

He explained how their credit score could be impacted.

Martin said: “If they don’t have pay off in full on the form, they really should do.

“But if they don’t then you have a right to do the Direct Debit to pay the balance off in full.

“Of course, you should keep a track of how much is on it, you don’t want a shock when it makes you overdrawn as overdrafts are more expensive than credit cards.

“When you pay it off doesn’t matter, Direct Debit will clear it all in time, and once you put something on it, after a year or so, it should improve your credit score.”

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