Twitter official says it will have a 'global approach' when tackling 'misleading' info, leaked video shows

O’Keefe: Big Tech whistleblowers having ‘crisis of conscience’

Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe discusses uncovering liberal bias at social media giants.

A leaked recording of a top Twitter official suggests the company will have a “global approach” when it comes to tackling misinformation as critics in recent weeks have sounded the alarm on political censorship. 

The right-wing guerrilla news outlet Project Veritas released a new video featuring Vijaya Gadde, the “Legal, Policy and Trust & Safety” lead for the tech giant, who explains the measures the company will take to suppress inflammatory rhetoric on its platform during a virtual evening on Jan. 8, the same day President Trump’s Twitter account was permanently suspended. 

“Whether we believe Trump’s tweets are inciting violence and have real-world harm, I think we’ve seen that in fact, they are since coming back from the timeout to deescalate the situation,” Gadde said. 

Gadde explained that practices that it is enacting in the U.S. are guided by results they found around the world. 

“In other places around the world where we’ve seen violence unfold as a result of either misleading information or coded rhetoric,” Gadde explained. “So, a lot of our learnings here have come from other markets. So, in that sense, we do feel like it is- this is our global approach.”

Gadde spoke about going “beyond de-amplification,” which included permanently suspending accounts spreading “conspiracy theories,” but also vowed that Twitter would provide “adamant notice” before taking a “very aggressive step like a permanent suspension.”

She also shed light on the internal discussions that took place as the violence on Capitol Hill unfolded two days prior. 


“What we saw on Wednesday morning was really concerning to us, obviously.  So a small team gathered from Trust and Safety and we were discussing the potential for violence to happen,” Gadde said. “And we decided to escalate our enforcement of the Civic Integrity policy and use a label that disabled engagements to stop the spread of potentially inflammatory content, which is the content around election interference, election fraud, stealing the election, that type of thing.” 

A spokesperson for Twitter told Fox News, “The remarks shown in the video were delivered to our more than 5,400 employees and are nearly the same words [Twitter CEO] Jack [Dorsey] shared in a recent Tweet Thread offering context around and reflections on our work to protect the conversation in recent weeks.” 

Twitter offered the same response to Fox News after Project Veritas leaked a video of CEO Jack Dorsey, who told staff that its actions will be “much bigger” than the ban of President Trump. 


“We know we are focused on one account right now, but this is going to be much bigger than just one account, and it’s going to go on for much longer than just this day, this week, and the next few weeks, and go on beyond the inauguration,” Dorsey said in the video that leaked last week. “So, the focus is certainly on this account and how it ties to real-world violence. But also, we need to think much longer-term around how these dynamics play out over time. I don’t believe this is going away anytime soon.”

Last week, Dorsey defended Twitter’s decision to permanently suspend President Trump’s account, saying that it was the “right decision.”

He did acknowledge, however, that taking such actions “fragment the public conversation,” “divide us” and “limit the potential for clarification, redemption, and learning.” He also admitted that the power of his corporation in the “global public conversation” has set a “dangerous” precedent. 


In a recent interview on “Hannity,” Project Veritas founder James O’Keefe told the host that “in this time of moral and political crisis, I think courage is contagious, and we have all these whistleblowers coming to us, insiders helping us expose.” 

“We need more of these people,” O’Keefe added. “Right now, I think, is the time to be hopeful if we can create an army of exposers, because exposure itself, sunlight needs to be the best disinfectant. Exposure itself is the solution.”

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