How to change your Facebook password

A STAGGERING 1.73 billion people log onto Facebook worldwide every day, and every single one of them has a password to remember.

But what if you want to change your password because it has been compromised, or you have simply forgotten it?

How do I change my Facebook password?

Luckily, it is quick and straightforward to change your password on the Facebook website:

1. Log into Facebook from your web browser.

2. Click “Account” in the top right corner of the page to reveal a drop-down menu.

3. Next, click “Settings and Privacy” (if using an old version of Facebook you can skip this step).

4. Now select “Settings”.

5. Then choose “Security and Login” from the menu on the left.

6. Find “Change Password” in the 'login' section on this screen and click “Edit” next to it.

7. Use the edit fields to enter your current password once and then your new one twice to confirm.

8. Finally, click “Save Changes”.

Can I change my password on my phone?

Yes. The process is slightly different depending on your device, but it’s straightforward and quick either way.

On an iPhone:

1. Open the Facebook app and make sure you are logged in with the account for which you want to change the password.

2. Tap the “Facebook Menu” button – three horizontal lines at the bottom right – to reveal a list of account options.

3. Tap to show “Settings and Privacy” near the bottom of the screen.

4. Now tap “Settings” near the top.

5. Hit “Security and Login” under the security section.

6. Here, select“Change Password”.

7 Enter your old password, and your new one twice to confirm, in the edit fields.

8 Finally tap “Save Changes”.

To change your Facebook password on an Android phone, follow these steps:

1. Open the Facebook mobile app and make sure you are logged in with the Facebook account for which you want to change the password.

2. Tap the three horizontal lines on the navigation bar at the top of the screen.

3. Next tap “Settings and Privacy”

4. Then hit “Settings’

5. Select “Security and Login”

6. Now tap “Change Password”

7. Enter your old password, and your new one twice to confirm, in the edit fields

8. Finally tap “Save Changes”.

How often should I change my Facebook password?

We keep a lot of personal information on social media sites, and they are heavily targeted by hackers.

As a result, many platforms recommend you change your password regularly to keep your account secure.

However, changing your password can be confusing and lead to you forgetting your password. And then being locked out of your account.

Experts say that using a strong password, with a mix of capital and lower-case letters, numbers and special characters, can be safer than constantly changing your password.

Certainly, all agree that using strong passwords and keeping to one password per account is crucial to your account security.

Password Manager tools help you keep track of passwords if you are worried about forgetting them.

You can add other security measures like Two-factor authentication on Facebook to enhance your security.

If you or someone else tries to reset your password too many times in 24 hours, Facebook may block your account until the following day to protect you.

How do I change my password if I don't know my current one?

This is called a password reset, and you will need to know contact information associated with your Facebook account.

If you are logged in but have forgotten your password, you will need access to the email address associated with your Facebook account.

  • Follow the steps above in 'How Do I Change My Facebook Password?' and at step 7, click the “Forgotten Password” link instead of entering passwords in the edit fields.
  • On the next screen, choose how you would like Facebook to send you the code to change your password – this may be via message or email, depending on which devices you have registered.

If you are not logged in and have forgotten your password:

1. Go the Facebook login page and click “Forgotten Account” from the Facebook login page.

Or, head to the “Find Your Account” on the Facebook website.

2. Enter one of the following details associated with your Facebook account: email address, phone number, full or user name.

3. Click “search”.

4. Follow the instructions you receive.

If all fails you can go to the Facebook Help Centre web page and follow the “Recover My Account” link.

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