Rudy Giuliani Brags About Getting 'Celebrity' Virus Treatment

While Americans are filling up hospitals and dying in droves from the coronavirus, Rudy Giuliani is boasting about how his “celebrity” influenced the treatment he received from doctors.

Either because he is too dense, too stupid, or just thoroughly devoid of any empathy for others who are not famous, Giuliani casually said the quiet part out loud during a radio interview after his hospital stay.

Giuliani said that after he tested positive, doctors insisted that he remain at the hospital because medical professionals worry more about the health of famous people.

“Yeah, well, I mean, sometimes when you’re a celebrity, they’re worried. If something happens to you, they’re going to examine it more carefully and do everything right,” the 76-year-old former New York mayor said.

Giuliani was released from Georgetown University Hospital after spending only four days getting “some of the same medicines” Trump took when he was treated for the virus months ago.

“I think if it wasn’t me, I wouldn’t have been put in the hospital,” Giuliani said, adding that the White House physician Sean Conley talked him “into going.”

“I didn’t really want to go to the hospital, and [Conley] said, ‘Don’t be stupid. We can get it over within three days if we send you to the hospital,’” Guiliani said.

Giuliani boasted about the medicine, which seems to be scarce for average Americans but plentiful when, as the New York Times columnist Michelle Goldberg wrote, one of Trump’s cronies are in need. Following his hospital stay, Giuliani said he received “exactly the same” treatment Trump did.

“The minute I took the cocktail yesterday, I felt 100% better,” Giuliani said. “It works very quickly, wow.”

What makes Giuliani’s insensitive remarks even worse is how he’s flouted official federal health protocols at every turn. Even when he toured the country in recent weeks, not wearing a mask and holding events with the aim of overthrowing the legitimate presidential election results.

But Rudy regrets nothing. “I’d rather take risk than live in a basement all my life,” Giuliani said.

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