Why is Facebook Messenger not working and what does 'waiting for network' mean?

FACEBOOK Messenger is down, leaving users unable to send or receive messages.

The issue appears to have started around 10am this morning and is still ongoing hours later.

Why is Facebook Messenger not working?

Facebook Messenger is down due to a technical issue.

When the issue began, Instagram's direct messages service also started to have similar problems.

Several users have reported delays in delivering and receiving messages.

Others said they have been unable to send videos and pictures.

Some also added they could not see which of their contacts were online, with a person explaining: "Last active saying everyone was active 20/22 hours ago."

One Messenger user wrote: "I can't send or receive messages on Facebook Messenger, it says connecting and then comes up as no internet connection and there's nothing wrong with my internet connection?"

One more said: "It’s saying me and my fiancé aren’t friends!"

Some people who use Messenger to run their businesses have become worried because the issue has been going on for a few hours.

One person commented: "Facebook Messenger needs to get fixed because I can't message no one."

In a statement sent to The Sun, a Facebook spokesperson said: "We are aware that some people are having trouble sending messages on Messenger, Instagram and Workplace Chat.

"We’re working to get things back to normal as quickly as possible."

What does 'waiting for network' mean?

The message "waiting for network" means the app is experiencing problems in connecting to a network.

When this happens, users cannot see videos or pictures in the application and they cannot send messages to others.

This leaves users unable to communicate because the function to send or receive messages does not work.

How can I check if the problem is widespread?

The DownDetector is a useful tool to check if there are any problems on certain services – including social media platforms and phone lines.

People can report any issue they are experiencing on the website, which then creates a live outage map.

It shows how widespread the problem is and clarifies if it is only happening in a certain area.

There is also an option for users to comment and explain the problems they are experiencing.

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