How to clean a radiator: Mrs Hinch fans share top tips for removing dust

The Mrs Hinch fan asked other members of the group: “How would you guys clean this? Hoover head can’t get at it. Bought several duster type things. It’s driving me mad.”


  • Cleaning tips: Mrs Hinch fan shares

She posted an image of her radiator in Facebook group Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips, including a lot of dust collected in it.

Facebook users came through with their advice, with lots of various tips.

Some use household appliances to help with the gathered dust.

One wrote: “I blast my steamer down mine.”

Another agreed and said: “Try your hand held steamer…I seen it in one of the pages on Instagram…Was well surprised with how it worked.”

Another said: “I blow out the dust with my hairdryer.”

One ingenious cleaning fan wrote: “I attach a straw to my hose with tape. Works a treat.”

Another inventive user of the group said: “I used a baby wipe and a BBQ skewer, once I got a bit of a Rythem going it wasnt too bad (sic). Very effective.”

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One said: “I did mine yesterday. I just sprayed a cleaning fluid along and it all flushed away. Have a wooden floor so just wiped up the drips. Looks as good as new.”

The original poster was also shocked to learn that the radiator grill can be removed to clean inside.”

She said: “Can’t believe they actually come off. Going to give it a go.”

One helpful commenter revealed how to do it. They said: “Pull the sides quite hard to release and then the top grill will just come off.”


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Britons have been spending much more time at home in their property amid the coronavirus crisis.

This has sparked a cleaning craze across the nation as Britons notice the dirt in every knock and cranny.

Another Mrs Hinch fan cleaning trick involves a game “changing cloth”.

Posting on the Facebook page Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips, one fanatic shared a photo of her new favourite cleaning cloth.

She captioned the photo: “I have to say personally, I’ve not been overly impressed with some of the products that others love…However, THIS is a GAME CHANGER!!!!

“If you don’t have one, GET ONE!!!!”

The woman then shared the photo of her new cleaning cloth which was the Minky M Cloth for Glass & Window.

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