Cleaning tips: Mrs Hinch shares her whole bathroom cleaning routine in just 20 minutes

Sophie Hinchliffe has shared an insight into exactly how she cleans her own bathroom, with top tips along the way. Better known as Mrs Hinch, the influencer has millions of followers who lap up her cleaning tips and hacks as she shares her favourite products on her page. In her latest Instagram stories, Mrs Hinch told fans how she cleaned her bath, shower and sink – with a top tip for any shiny areas.


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Mrs Hinch has become an internet sensation in recent years thanks to her smart cleaning hacks and tips for cleaning tricky areas of the home. 

The star has 3.5million followers, who even post their own cleaning tricks on social media after discovering new ways to get rid of stubborn marks and stains. 

However, many of the products they pick are inspired by Mrs Hinch’s own cleaning kit, which she regularly posts about online. 

In the latest post she shared the trusty trio of bathroom cleaning products which she swears by, together with a few tips on making the most of their cleaning power. 

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After a day spent in the garden, Mrs Hinch said the baby was asleep and so she had just 20 minutes left to clean the bathroom. 

Showing off her organised cleaning products which were all in labelled boxes and categorised into cloths, sprays and different bottle types, Mrs Hinch got to work on her bathroom with three main products. 

The star donned pink rubber gloves before using Flash Bathroom Spray, £1, for the sink, and the liquid version of Flash Bathroom, £2.50 for her bath. 

Adding that they’re the same products she’s used since moving into her home, Sophie said she would spray any shiny areas such as taps and the shower attachment with Viakal spray, which is just £2 in some stores. 

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She used the products with a bathroom Minky cloth to clean the bathtub, taps and shower attachment, using a bit of water in the tub to splash the product around the sides. 

Hinch began with the Viakal on the taps and sprayed it on all the silver parts of the shower, leaving it on while she cleaned the bath with the Flash liquid. 

Viakal is a cleaning liquid that promises to work on the toughest limescale, as well as removing watermarks, which is why it’s so popular for tricky parts of the bathroom and kitchen. 

However, Hinch warned fans to remember to rinse away the Viakal as you don’t want it on too long, wiping it away carefully with the same Minky cloth. 


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The influencer had both windows open while she got to work to help keep the room ventilated, something that’s recommended on most cleaning products due to the chemicals. 

She then got to work on cleaning the shower screen with the bathroom spray and a new cloth, buffing away streaks and leaving it shining.

Making sure there wasn’t a speck of dust left in sight, Hinch even rinsed her bubble bath bottles under the shower to keep them squeaky clean before buffing the taps with a clean cloth. 

In the speedy cleaning session Mrs Hinch also showed a hack for keeping the bathroom mat clean by spraying it with Dettol All in One spray, a product that fans are always recommending in their Mrs Hinch-related Facebook groups. 

She also used it to spray down the toilet brush, as the clever cleaner can kill bacteria and doesn’t require any wiping down. 

To finish, Sophie used a handheld vacuum cleaner by Shark to quickly go around the corners of the bathroom, saying she had no time for moving the furniture. 

Hinch also used a cloth to wipe along the skirting boards, showing off the dust that came off the surface on a fresh microfibre cloth. 

She finished with a video of her gleaming bathroom and praising the shine and smell after putting the products back in their well-organised space. 

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