7 private islands around the world that cost less than $6 million each

  • In the age of COVID-19, space and privacy have become more important to prospective buyers, especially those shopping in the luxury end of the market. 
  • And while buyers are willing to pay top dollar for those luxuries on land, nothing offers more distance and privacy than your own island.
  • Enness Global sent Business Insider a list of seven private islands from around the world that are on the market for less than $6 million each. 
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In a COVID-19 world, the desire for space and privacy has never been more top of mind among prospective buyers. 

For those luxuries, people who have the money will spend it. But just how much are they willing to drop — and how far out are they willing to move?

In September, a $33 million Manhattan penthouse went into contract. According to the listing agent, Eric Brown of Compass, the main draw was not only the size of the interior space but also the available outdoor space. 

"To me, there is a huge push not just for boutique buildings, but bigger apartments with more interior square footage and, No. 1 on the list, outdoor space," he told Business Insider.

And while $33 million is surely an eye-popping sume, it isn't uncommon for the ultrawealthy to spend that much on homes. In fact, according to a July report by the Evening Standard in London, the number of new high-end buyers looking for homes worth £3 million (or $4 million) and up had increased by 53% since May 23, compared with the previous five-year average for that time of year.

But what if that price tag could get you more than just a house?

Enness Global provided Business Insider with private-island listings around the world with similar price points.

The seven islands that made the list are all over the world, including in Belize in the Caribbean and Washington in the US, and range from $4.4 million to $5.5 million.

Valiha Island in Madagascar

Price: $4,462,293.62

Size: 95 acres

Valiha Island is a partially developed island in Madagascar. Per Private Islands Online, the island sits in the Indian Ocean and is available only for lease.

"As purchase or sale of a privately owned island is not allowed in Madagascar, Valiha Island is available leasehold, on a 30-year renewable long lease," the website says.

Big Fish Cay in the Bahamas

Price: $4,500,000

Size: 55 acres

Big Fish Cay is a developed island in the Bahamas. According to Private Islands Online, it already boasts completed and partially completed buildings. Additionally, planning permission has been granted for six more condos.

A private-island resort in Belize

Price: $4,500,000

Size: 6.5 acres

This private-island resort is in Belize. According to Private Islands Online, it is 9 miles away from Belize City. The resort includes five private beachfront cottages, a large common area, a bar, and a spa. There is also a personal residence for the owner and a marina.

North Saddle Caye in Belize

Price: $4,950,000

Size: 4 acres

North Saddle Caye is a developed island in Belize. According to Private Islands Online, the island boasts twin luxury villas and two guest cottages, a 153-panel solar-energy system, and two reverse-osmosis water systems.

Pierre Island in the Bahamas

Price: $4,950,000

Size: 16 acres

Pierre Island is a partially developed island in the Bahamas.

"Electricity and water run from the mainland and there is also a large generator, water tank and storage building on the island," Private Islands Online said.

Stroggilo Island in Greece

Price: $5,020,080.32

Size: 54 acres

Stroggilo Island is a nondeveloped private island near the island of Marathos in the Aegean Sea, according to Private Islands Online. 

Trump Island in Washington

Price: $5,500,000

Size: 29 acres

Trump Island is a developed island in the US state of Washington. According to Private Islands Online, the island comes with independent water and power systems, a caretaker's cottage, and a deepwater dock with two slips that have been approved for yachts and seaplanes.

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