Americans are flocking to Halloween-themed outdoor decorations this year as $320 12-foot decorative skeletons sell out

  • COVID-19 has changed how most people will spend Halloween this year.
  • Consumers are spending more than ever individually, more than $90 per person.
  • The money is going towards big-ticket outdoor decorations like inflatables. 
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Some neighborhoods around the US look even spookier than usual this Halloween.

With a project $8 billion in Halloween spending, 148 million American adults plan to celebrate the holiday. 

According to the National Retail Federation, decorating homes is the second most popular way people plan to celebrate, behind only handing out candy. As COVID-19 alters usual Halloween plans, more Americans plan to decorate their homes this year than in 2019, jumping from 49% to 53%.

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Lowes spokesperson Jordan Paschal told Business Insider that Halloween decorations, particularly large outdoor inflatables and pieces have grown more popular this year.

Take a look at some of the decor.

Though overall Halloween spending is slightly down this year, consumers are spending more on home decorations, at an average of $92.12, according to the NRF.

Source: NRF

Big box stores like Lowes, Walmart, and Home Depot carry all sorts of outdoor decorations, from inflatables to animatronics and projectors.

Larger inflatables can be upwards of six feet tall, and sometimes costs hundreds of dollars.

Lowes told Business Insider that this Halloween season, buyers have "leaned heavily into decorating their homes for the holiday, seeking out ways to bring the Halloween experiences into homes and onto front porches."

As more than three-quarters of respondents told NRF that the coronavirus has changed their Halloween plans, home decor remains a safe way to feel some normalcy.

Some of the most popular outdoor decor includes characters from popular movies and TV shows, like "The Nightmare Before Christmas."

The breakout star of Halloween 2020 is unquestionably the $320, 12 foot skeleton sold by Home Depot.

Home Depot declined to say how many of the skeletons it manufactured, but they sold out quickly, with some fans driving hundreds of miles out of their way, or offering thousands of dollars to buy it secondhand, Washington Post reported.

Source: The Washington Post

"Within the community of people that decorate, it's a big flex," Mordan Adams, owner of two giant skeletons, told The Washington Post.

Source: The Washington Post

Halloween shopping started earlier than usual this year, according to NRF.

Big Halloween purchases helped home improvement stores that were already doing well despite the pandemic.

Shoppers increasingly turned to these retailers for home improvement projects and home goods while stuck inside.

Source: Business Insider

Halloween acts as a predictor for holiday shopping through the rest of the year.

"Consumers' plans to spend a record figure individually on Halloween this year sets a positive tone going into the most important season for retail sales," Jessica Rabe, cofounder of DataTrek, said.

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